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(If you’ve never Bluetoothed to one of the computers before, you may first have to pair with it) Exchanging Data with Other Macs 3. Figure 8-2: Top: How much hard drive space do you want to dedicate to your “PC”? It’s not an idle question; whatever you give Windows is no longer available for your Mac. switching to the mac: the missing manual Your Mac joins WiFi hotspots like this: WiFi Connections First, it sniffs around for a WiFi network you’ve used before. You can use any of the commands in the Go menu, or their keyboard equivalents, or the icons in the Sidebar, to fill your columns with the contents of the corresponding folder—Home, Favorites, Applications, and so on. They can. Image Capture proposes putting photos, sounds, and movies from the camera into your Home folder’s Pictures folder. Here are a few other joys of becoming a Mac fan: Stability. He very seldom talked much and sometimes did not even answer Mary's questions except by a grunt, but this morning he said more than usual. Do you think he remembers me? she said. If 594 you’re using a WPA or WPA2 password on your base station or Time Capsule, it can’t be in “bridge mode” (you’d know if you’d turned that on). Extensions are the drivers for the Mac’s various components, which sit in the SystemÆLibraryÆExtensions folder. Using the Junk Mail Filter You’ll see the effects of Mail’s spam filter the first time you check your mail: Certain message titles appear in brown. Now you get full sharpness all the time—but things take longer to scroll, appear, and disappear. That’s a lot simpler and less disk space than before, when each person had to have a full-blown account on your Mac, complete with Pictures folder, Movies folder, and so on. (You can turn that syncing feature off in iBooksÆPreferencesÆGeneral if it spooks you) Most people think of iBooks as a reader for books that Apple sells on its iTunes bookstore—bestsellers and current fiction, for example—and it does that very well. For example: For a document icon, you see when it was created and modified, and what programs it “belongs” to. If you choose Save right now, you’ll get a beautiful, full-color PDF of the selected photos, ready to print out and then, presumably, cut apart with scissors or a paper cutter. This list shows all the programs that access your Contacts, Calendar, or Reminders apps—and offers checkboxes to turn off that access. When he hits View Invitation, he can either enter his iCloud name and password (if he has an iCloud account), or get an Apple ID (if he doesn’t). Whenever Apple improves or fixes some piece of OS X or some Apple-branded program, the Mac can notify you, download the update, and install it into your system automatically.