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This drop-box effect is great when you want students, coworkers, or family members to be able to turn things in to you—homework, reports, scandalous diaries—without running the risk that someone else might see those documents. Tip: You can view a tidy list of all your notes and highlighted passages by choosing ViewÆHigh­lighting and Notes. Or press Shift-c-B. And now that TextEdit can save your work as an HTML document, it’s suddenly a viable candidate for designing basic Web pages. The point, of course, is to help you learn which keys to press when you need special symbols or non-English characters, such as © or ñ, in each keyboard layout. Now you can click n beneath the list of accounts. When you click outside the note, it collapses down to a tiny Post-it square in the margin. If you set up Internet Sharing appropriately, your buddy can connect to your Mac via an Ethernet cable and surf along with you—no extra charge. That process creates a new, outgoing message with the file you dragged already attached. Meet iCloud It’s a bit pointless to describe the steps for creating shared albums in iPhoto or Aperture on the Mac, since Apple intends to kill off both programs and replace them with a new one, simply called Photos. You must trek up to the menu bar every time you need that command. For example, you press Option-4 to get the ¢ symbol, and Option-Y to get the ¥ (yen) symbol. There were fantastically dressed people under the trees and in the distance there was a glimpse of the turrets of a castle. You now have all the handy, freely draggable convenience of an icon view, along with the more compact vertical spacing of a list view) If you set up the frontmost window with a colored background, big icons, small text, and a tight grid, and then you click Use as Defaults, you’ll see that look in every disk or folder window you open. You can download them at any time to any of your machines. Customizing Spotlight You’ve just read about how Spotlight works fresh out of the box. You can capture only a rectangular region of the screen by pressing Shift-c-4. Finally, choose “DVD/CD master” if you’re copying a CD or a DVD.” You can arrange files in any of the views—icon, list, column, Cover Flow—and there are some incredibly useful options here. But Preview is a bit smarter.