دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Advanced networking. After working on some document at the office, you can go home and resume from right where you stopped; the same file is waiting for you, exactly as you left it. As you edit a file’s name, remember that you can use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands in the Edit menu to move selected bits of text around, just as though you were word processing. Leave the Dock Preferences window open on the screen, as shown here.” The next time you open the program, it will have forgotten all about your window setup. Your job is to choose Secondary Button from the pop-up menu that identifies the right side of the mouse. It's that boy who knows where the foxes live--Dickon. He said it in such an odd way that Mary wondered if he was actually a little sorry for her. Credit card numbers, too. Add your signature to a contract, circle a typo, draw arrows on a diagram, and so on. Shift-c-H opens your Home folder, Shift-c-A opens the Applications folder, and so on. They realize that some parents care about how many hours their kids spend in front of the Mac, and that some also care about which hours (Figure 15-7): Figure 15-7: If this account holder tries to log in outside the time limits you specify here, she’ll encounter only a box that says, “Computer time limits expired.”) Movies. The other guy sees only a “Paused” screen until you unpause. The child ate some fruit and biscuits, and being thirsty she drank a glass of wine which stood nearly filled. (As in Windows, it may be hidden or placed on the left or the right edge of the screen instead—options that appeal primarily to power users and eccentrics) The Dock displays the icons of all your open windows and programs, which are denoted by small, glowing markers beneath their icons. My Photo Stream Every time a new photo enters your life—when you take a picture with an i-gadget, for example, or import one onto your Mac—it gets added to your Photo Stream. I've heard about Magic in India, but I can't make it. There were fantastically dressed people under the trees and in the distance there was a glimpse of the turrets of a castle. (You can then use the ” and ’ buttons on the toolbar, or the c-[ and c-] keystrokes to go back and forward in your chain of lookups.