دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Wiring the Network The base station can take any of these forms: AirPort base station. You can open it with a double-click or by using any of the usual programopening tricks. Connect your camera, choose FileÆImport from [your camera’s name], and carry on as described on page 655. That is, if the messages on a certain topic arrived July 1, 4, 7, and 11, you’ll find all four grouped with the July 11 message. Add and adjust pictures. You can download thousands more of these so-called widgets from 4 switching to the mac: the missing manual the Internet, making it even easier to find TV listings, Google search results, local movie showtimes, and more, no matter what program you’re using at the moment. It’s hours of fun for the whole family! When you’re finished, save the document as you would any other. Gem in the Rough Styled Text When you copy text from, for example, Microsoft Word, and then paste it into another program, such as Mail, you may be pleasantly surprised to note that the formatting of that text—bold, italic, font (size, color, and so on)—appears intact in Mail. And I heard that far-off crying again, just as we heard it the other night. It lets you know that the Mac hears you. I've seen the spring now and I'm going to see the summer. Tip: Don’t miss the ToolsÆShow Magnifier command. She put her hand on his shoulder and smiled the mist out of her eyes. Importing Camera Photos Preview can import pictures directly from a digital camera (or iPhone), meaning that there are now three OS X apps that can perform that duty. chapter 9: hardware on the mac 333 iTunes: The Digital Jukebox Across the top, you get a horizontally scrolling set of “album covers” (Figure 9-15). On the Mac. If you turn this on, and somebody tries to call you more than once within three minutes, it will ring through. She was actually left alone as the morning went on, and at last she wandered out into the garden and began to play by herself under a tree near the veranda. Printing Messages Sometimes there’s no substitute for a printout. When you’re viewing your photos on an Apple TV, a new album appears there called Photo Stream.