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Part Two, Making the Move, is dedicated to the actual process of hauling your software, settings, and even peripherals (like printers and monitors) across the chasm from the PC to the Mac. Windows in a Window The problem with Boot Camp is that every time you switch to or from Windows, you have to close down everything you were working on and restart the computer—and reverse the process when you’re done. If you want to write in Chinese, you can draw the characters you want, right on your laptop’s trackpad. As you set off on your Photo Booth adventures, a note of caution: Keep it away from children. There, she found more walls and winter vegetables and glass frames, but in the second wall there was another green door and it was not open. The video quality deteriorates, the transmission aborts suddenly, the audio has an annoying echo, and so on. When he arrived at the Manor the servants who received him with the usual ceremony noticed that he looked better and that he did not go to the remote rooms where he usually lived attended by Pitcher. Now I have seen you I think she said sensible things. Those words—“try to”—are Apple’s way of admitting that no filter is foolproof. What is a moor? she said suddenly to Mrs Medlock. This here one he's called Nut an' this here other one's called Shell. Now to think, she broke out, to think o' me forgettin' that there; an' I thought I was goin' to tell you first thing this mornin'. Figure 12-13: Click the Downloads (y) button to view this list of recent downloads. I believe Dickon knows some Magic, but perhaps he doesn't know he knows it. The chief thing to be remembered, she had told him, was that Colin was getting well--getting well. chapter 4: documents, programs & mission control 187 Exposé program icons (Figure 4-22) until the one you want is selected, and then release the keys. Smart collections Font Book can create a collection for you, too. Figure 11-11: Mail lets you create self-populating folders. The Change Password button lets you change your account password on the other machine. (Individual Dock icons may occasionally shoot upward into desktop territory when a program needs your attention—cute, very cute—but otherwise, the Dock lies low until you call for it) On paper, an auto-hiding Dock is ideal; it’s there only when you summon it.