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But this is often the most convenient) The only downside to force quitting a program is that you lose any unsaved changes to your open documents, along with any preference settings you may have changed while the program was open. Bottom left: Calendar knows how long it will take to get there… Bottom right: … and will remind you when it’s time to get going! For example, you get a little map (which you can click to open the Maps app for a bigger view), as shown in Figure 19-5 (top right). There’s a limit to this principle; if you have only 2 gigabytes of memory and you keep 20 programs open, and one of them is Photoshop, you’ll incur a speed penalty. Now, Apple may not know this software company, and Apple 518 switching to the mac: the missing manual doesn’t inspect its software. You can also choose Show Percentage to add a percentage-remaining readout (43%) to the menu bar. The unusually flat, broad top surface of the Magic Mouse is also a trackpad. Note: If you turn off Ask To Buy for someone after she turns 18, you can’t turn it on again. He had lived on a sort of desert island all his life and as he had been the king of it he had made his own manners and had had no one to compare himself with. You can download them from the Mac App Store. If you travel regularly, you can build a list of Locations, each of which “knows” the way you like to get online in each city you visit. (Lots of these are available in the Free pages of Apple’s own iBook store, too) PDF Files iBooks can display and catalog PDF documents, too.” If the resulting screen says “Obtain an IP address automatically,” then leave Using DHCP selected in the Mac’s Configure pop-up menu; your Mac should teach itself the correct settings automatically. Most of the time, that’s a perfectly good arrangement. Choose a name and location for your new image file. To do it, choose aÆLog Out Casey (or whatever your name is). That’s it. If you have a lot of tabs open on your laptop—so many that they don’t all fit and some of them are getting stacked up at the right end—check out this new Yosemite trick: You can scroll through the open tabs on your trackpad. Note: Many an up-to-date file has been lost because someone spotted a very old date on a folder and assumed that the files inside were equally old. Mary looked and caught her breath a little. To rename a file, click its name or icon (to highlight it) and then press Return.