دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Click Edit to arrive at this list. In the case of selected Finder icons, you can use these three methods (see Figure 3-13): Mail whips open Mail and creates a new, outgoing message with the selected file(s) already attached. Say this: To get this: For example, saying this: Types this: “cap” or “capital” Capitalize the next word “Give me the (cap) works” Give me the Works “caps on,” then “caps off” Capitalize the first letter of every word “Next week, (caps on) the new england chicken cooperative (caps off) will hire me” Next week, The New England Chicken Cooperative will hire me “all caps,” then “all caps off” Capitalize everything “So (all caps on) please please (all caps off) don’t tell anyone” So PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell anyone “all caps” Type just the next word in all caps “We (all caps) really don’t belong here” We REALLY don’t belong here “no caps” Type the next word in lowercase “see you in (no caps) Texas” see you in texas “no caps on,” then “no caps off” Prevents any capital letters “I’ll ask (no caps on) Santa Claus (no caps off)” I’ll ask santa claus “no space” Runs the next two words together “Try new mega (no space) berry flavor” Try new megaberry flavor “no space on,” then “no space off” Eliminates all spaces “(No space on) I can’t believe you ate all that (no space off) (comma) she said excitedly” Ican’tbelieveyou ateallthat, she said excitedly [alphabet letters] Types the letters out, though usually not very accurately “The stock symbol is A P P L” The stock symbol is APPL You don’t always have to dictate these formatting commands, by the way. To find the Show checkbox: Open System PreferencesÆTime Machine. His nose turns up too much. It shows you what part of the screen image will fill your monitor when you press the “zoom-in” keystroke, Option-c-8. Figure 8-1: Boot Camp plans to guide you through preparing the three primary ingredients in the Boot Camp recipe. He untied the string and inside there were ever so many neater and smaller packages with a picture of a flower on each one. If you want to clear out the background, or change it, click the Original square in the middle of the Effects palette and then choose a different backdrop. In the Subscribe to Calendar dialog box, paste the address of the published calendar. I'll tell you who would put you in the humor, perhaps, said Mary reflecting. I don't want it, she said. (Or, if you began with a search, the arrow takes you to the most recent backup with a matching result) Use the search box in the corner of the window. Safari, OS X’s Web browser, has a built-in command for blocking pop-ups: SafariÆPreferencesÆPrivacyÆBlock Pop-Up Windows. Wiring the Network The base station can take any of these forms: AirPort base station. For example, you may see the names of network zones (clusters of machines, as found in big companies and universities). If only you have a camera, for example, you can choose BuddiesÆ​Invite to One-Way Video Chat (or Audio Chat). His face flushed scarlet and he sat bolt upright. You might create one for important messages, another for order confirmations from Web shopping, still another for friends and family, and so on. 422 switching to the mac: the missing manual chapter 12 Safari A pple’s most obvious Internet-friendly creation is Safari, a smartly designed window to the Web.