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I wish mine were just like it. One of them shows the Dashboard, described later in this chapter; the other shows your regular Mac world. chapter 4: documents, programs & mission control 181 Dashboard But what if your interest isn’t snowstorms, stocks, or sports? What if it’s The New York Times front page? Or the bestselling children’s books on Amazon? Or the most-viewed video on YouTube? Or some cool Flash game? That’s the beauty of Web Clips, a joint venture of Dashboard and the Safari Web browser. In SafariÆPreferencesÆNotifications, you’ll find a list of every site that’s ever asked for such permission. Note: If you turn off Ask To Buy for someone after she turns 18, you can’t turn it on again. And this time, you can set up elaborate sharing privileges (also known as permissions) that grant individuals different amounts of access to your files. Or receive them when they’re sent to your iPhone number. She had felt her a tiresome charge and had indeed seen as little of her as she dared. Then click Ï (for a video call) or C and then FaceTime (for a video call). He looked so strange and different because a pink glow of color had actually crept all over him--ivory face and neck and hands and all. An' it'll be greener and greener till th' gray's all gone. You can download them at any time to any of your machines. Mary felt as if she were in the forest with them. (Unlike the AirDrop of Macs gone by, in Yosemite, you don’t have to start by opening the AirDrop window) Figure 14-8. 3. In short, all the Application menu’s commands actually pertain to the application you’re using. As it turns out, files can take one of several roads from your old PC to your new Mac. No one ever knew when he would go out or come in or where he would choose to sleep or if he would roam about the garden or lie in the boat on the lake all night. `Now, Martha, you just think how you'd feel yourself, in a big place like that, wanderin'about all alone, an' no mother. Street Atlas USA Mapping software is, alas, a weak spot in the Mac software catalog.