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If you want to share a file with another account holder, put it there. He never talks about dead things or things that are ill. These headings aren’t just signposts; they’re buttons, too. Signing PDF Documents with Your Real Signature Of OS X’s 47,000 features, few are quite as slick or useful as the PDF signature option. Once again, the Mac is assuming that you’ll be wanting to connect a wireless one. You can jump between them and continue the text­ing conversation. Now then: When your youngster uses Apple’s Mail program to send a message to someone who’s not on the approved list, or tries to chat with someone not on the list, she gets a message that says, “You do not have permission to send messages to this email address. You have to use Disk Utility (page 701) to format it using the MS-DOS (FAT) formatting scheme. Turn on “Send read receipts” if you want your correspondents to know when you’ve read their messages. Which color the background becomes is up to you; choose a shade from the pop-up menu. Often, they just add. There are also FedEx package trackers, joke-of-theday widgets, comic-strip-of-the-day widgets, and many other varieties. Its name appears in your ∑ menu, ready for choosing at any time—even if the phone is asleep and locked, and even if Personal Hotspot is turned off! Handily enough, the ∑ menu also shows the phone’s battery and signal status (Figure 14-5). Sign into your online account, enter keywords and so on, and then click Share. If you have a POP account (the older type, where each message is downloaded to your computer and stored only there), see page 264 for details on importing your existing message stash to the Mac. The only thing it affects is the “unavailable” status indicators (like “Away” and “Out to lunch”) in Messages. You then return to the Users & Groups pane, where you see the new account name in the list at the left side. Most Mac owners don’t use or set up RAID arrays, probably because most Mac owners have only one hard drive (and Disk Utility can’t make your startup disk part of a RAID array). You can also click and hold on a phone number wherever it appears—in Contacts, in a Spotlight search result, in Safari, in Mail—and choose Send Message from there. To do that, choose EditÆSubstitutionsÆ​ Text Replacement, so that a checkmark disappears) Case Swapping The final chunk in OS X’s text-massaging tool chest is case swapping—that is, changing text you’ve already typed (or pasted) from ALL CAPS to lowercase or Just First Letters Capitalized.