دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

After a moment, it magically turns into a disk icon on your desktop, which you can work with just as though it were a real disk (top right in Figure 4-2). You can drag an item directly out of the found-files list and into a different folder, window, or disk—or straight to the Dock or the Trash. Figure 16-2: The icons of nearby AirDrop-friendly Apple gadgets and Macs show up in this fun-sized window. You open a new Mail message with a copy of the actual Web page in the body. No one could get in. Martha liked to talk, and the strange child who had lived in India, and been waited upon by blacks, was novelty enough to attract her. To do so, drag from outside the target icons diagonally across them, creating a translucent gray rectangle as you go. Then click the icon of the new pane you want. The only way to organize smart mailboxes is to put them inside a smart mailbox folder, which you create using MailboxÆNew Smart Mailbox Folder. It seemed as if she understood them as Dickon understood his creatures. At first, the rows of icons are grouped according to function, as shown in Figure 17-1, bottom. If you have more than one email account, you can expand the triangles to see separate folders for each of your accounts. And there was quite a long silence. Or click iTunes’ Play button (2) or press the space bar. Well, said Mrs Medlock. Click its name in the Sidebar to see what’s in there. Make a new collection by clicking the n button (or choose Use FileÆNew Collection; type to name it. Any robin could understand Dickon, so his presence was not even disturbing. She did not mind much, because she had already counted up to thirty. It is just what you thought it would be, he said at last.