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Tip: You can also choose to move a document to a different folder later right there in the program. Mary looked and caught her breath a little. Finally, Messages means that you can keep your text messages. OS X immediately displays the actual, original file, sitting patiently in its folder, wherever that may be. But wait, there’s more! QuickTime Player is also QuickTime Editor. All of this winds up in a new user account on your Mac. But if you try to open anybody else’s Home folder, you’ll see a tiny red – icon superimposed on almost every folder inside, telling you, “Look, but don’t touch. I can see that plain enough, she said outspokenly. She skipped down the walk toward him and he lifted his head and looked at her with a curious expression. I don't want it to be a dream, the boy said restlessly. If one of those arrangements appeals to you, the only complication might be the connector. But if you’re alarmed at the massive list of hotspots OS  X has memorized—for privacy reasons, say—here’s where you turn off “Remember networks this computer has joined. MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, a standard “language” for inter-synthesizer communication. AirDrop lets you drag files back and forth, wirelessly, from phone to computer. Is it? said Colin. Now click the n button as though you were about to create a new account. 186 switching to the mac: the missing manual If the layer of open programs is the atmosphere, the Finder is the earth below—and the ability to teleport back and forth is a huge timesaver. The dimmed name shows who’s logged in right now. Here you can see that a big table forms the underlying structure for this Web page, along with a couple of nested ones and color selections. Here’s where to find it on the PC: Windows XP.