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616 switching to the mac: the missing manual Messaging, Tweeting, or Facebooking If you’ve told OS X the details of your iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts, then a strange little surprise awaits you at the top of the Notification Center’s Today list: buttons that let you send a Messages or LinkedIn message, post a tweet, or post a Facebook item—right from there, without having to open an app or go to a Web page. It’s extremely useful in any of these situations: You’re traveling with a laptop. You can use the Arrange and Sort commands. It contains the same options listed in the previous bullet. Figure 12-19 illustrates. Before you begin, then, you might want to take a moment either to shorten them or to make a note of which ones might get truncated in the transfer. And Colin was asleep. (Those are still in your computer’s iTunes folder) iTunes Store The iTunes software’s second purpose is to be the face of Apple’s online iTunes Store. switching to the mac: the missing manual a central software repository for everybody who uses the Mac, and the Mac forbids everyday account holders from moving or changing all such universally shared folders. Martha stayed with her until tea-time, but they sat in comfortable quiet and talked very little. It’s easy to collect all the fonts you used in a document and export them to a folder, ready to submit along with your file. You don’t have to do any document conversion. The nurse came forward as if she were half afraid. (If the list is long, you may have to swipe the trackpad to find your name—or just type its first few letters) Inset: At this point, you’re asked to type in your password. Move widget icons around by dragging. Down this passage and then to the left, and then up two broad steps, and then to the right again. They let you turn any section of any Web page into a Dashboard widget that updates itself every time you open it. Or you can click individual, nonconsecutive notes by clicking with the c key pressed) Notes Tip: If you press Option as you drag a note, you make a copy of it in the new folder instead of moving the original. Mother said I must tell you to keep out o'doors as much as you could, even when it rains a bit, so as tha' wrap up warm. When you sign into your Mac in person, you can use either your full name or account (short) name.