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The bottleneck is the Internet connection, not your network. All the technical details are available online.applecom/kb/PH18393. Click the backdrop you want for this screen. Frequently Asked Question Calculate All Sizes When I sort my list view by size, I see only dashes for folder sizes. The Paste command can be useful when, for instance, you’re renaming many icons in sequence (Quarterly Estimate 1, Quarterly Estimate 2…). It can display and manipulate pictures saved in a wide variety of formats, including common graphics formats like JPEG, TIFF, PICT, and GIF; less commonly used formats like BMP, PNG, SGI, and TGA; and even Photoshop, EPS, and PDF graphics. Now, tethering eats up your phone’s battery like crazy; you’ll be lucky to get 3 hours out of it. This fires up the Mac’s Bluetooth Setup Assistant program to guide you through the process. Who wishes you would? The servants--and of course Dr Craven because he would get Misselthwaite and be rich instead of poor. You’re also offered the opportunity to type a message; it will appear on the Unlock screen, below the four boxes where you’re supposed to type in the four-digit code. You can also tap the space bar to get a Quick Look preview of anything in the Mission Control view (page 161) or the stack, list, or grid of a Dock folder (page 77). It shows you which way the list is being sorted. Our Dickon goes off on th' moor by himself an' plays for hours. To make it appear on a laptop, swipe two fingers onto the trackpad from the right. He was wrapped in a velvet dressing-gown and sat against a big brocaded cushion. Bonjour buddies See the heading in the buddy list called Bonjour? You can’t add names to your Bonjour list; anyone who’s on the network and running Messages appears there automatically. You can also trigger these shortcut menus with special clicks on your trackpad or Magic Mouse; see page 14 for additional options. And she was right, too. Besides, she is mine and I don't want everyone to see her.