دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Figure 3-3: Left: To select a block of files in list view, click the first icon. But there are 11 menus, and 143 submenus hiding in those menus, and you haven’t got time for the pain. Press c-Y. (Otherwise, you can right-click the calendar’s name and choose Refresh whenever you want to update the Web copy) When you click Publish, your Mac connects to the Web and then shows you the Web address (the URL) of the finished page, complete with a Send Mail button that lets you fire the URL off to your colleagues. It’s a useful feature when you’ve just downloaded or imported a bunch of photos or Office documents and want a quick look through them. The send-a-link method. Or choose FileÆAdd to Library. Click the undesired address, and then click Remove From List. OS X asks what to do with all the dearly departed’s files and settings (Figure 15-9): Save the home folder in a disk image. When you delete a file from another Mac on the network, either by pressing the Delete key or by dragging it to the Trash, a message appears to let you know that you’re about to delete that item instantly and permanently. That number, of course, is a bit unwieldy. Figure 2-6: Drag the “Grid spacing” slider to specify how tightly packed you want your icons to be. Ordinarily, for example, Chris isn’t allowed to go rooting through Robin’s email and files. The Mighty Mouse is the white mouse that has come with desktop Macs since 2005. That’s it! Now, whenever you type one of the abbreviations you’ve set up, the Mac instantly replaces it with your substituted text. In small office networks, it’s usually called MSHOME or WORKGROUP. Tip: The most efficient way to use Stickies is to keep the notes in their collapsed state. The Mac immediately begins to play the songs whose names have checkmarks in the main list, or from the CD currently in your Mac. If the Windows screen says, “Use the following IP address” instead, then select Manually from the Mac’s Configure pop-up menu, and copy the relevant numbers into the Mac’s Network pane (see Figure 10-3). 408 switching to the mac: the missing manual With a little imagination, you’ll see how the options in this pop-up menu can do absolutely amazing things with your incoming email.