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For example, you can set it up so that when you connect your fancy SLR camera, Aperture opens; when you connect your spouse’s pocket camera, iPhoto opens; and when you connect your iPhone, Image Capture opens, so you can quickly grab the best shots and email them directly.” The subsequent screens invite you to choose which backup, which Home folder, and which elements (applications, settings, files) you want to bring over. You can send little messages to other people’s screens. Now you’re ready to open your Mac files on the PC. Tip: You can also change among these views by pressing the keyboard shortcuts Option-c-1, -2, -3, and -4. It’s fine to have them open if you’re expecting visitors. Well, tha' has bewitched him, she said. Zoom with the Control key. Don’t miss the f tool, which auto-perfects your attempts to draw lines, circles, and angles. Figure 10-9: Left: Why, look! It’s photos you imported onto your Mac at home. He had supplied doctors and nurses and luxuries, but he had shrunk from the mere thought of the boy and had buried himself in his own misery. And on the trunk of the tree he leaned against, a brown squirrel was clinging and watching him, and from behind a bush nearby a cock pheasant was delicately stretching his neck to peep out, and quite near him were two rabbits sitting up and sniffing with tremulous noses--and actually it appeared as if they were all drawing near to watch him and listen to the strange low little call his pipe seemed to make. He’ll click, it’ll open, and he’ll probably never even consider the miracle of what just happened. Gem in the Rough Logs On the Web tab of the Parental Controls pane, you’ll find a button called Logs. Frequently Asked Questions Time Machine is a very different kind of backup program, and a real departure for longtime Mac addicts. With each letter you type, Launchpad hides everything but the matching app icons. Its mother had been killed nearby an' th'hole was swum out an' th' rest o' th' litter was dead.” Which means “right-click. Second: If the administrator has turned on the “Allow user to reset password using Apple ID” in System PreferencesÆ​ Users & Groups, then you can click the ? button right there in the Password box when you’re logging in. It even flags cards that have duplicate bits of information, like the same phone number twice.