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You must not take liberties because you are in the secret. The beauty of this arrangement is that you can start reading the first Web page while all the others load into their own tabs in the background. The first time the Mac sees your second hard drive, it invites you to use it as Time Machine’s backup drive (“Do you want to use ‘Seagate 2TB Drive’ to back up with Time Machine?”). It works only if you have two Macs (OS X 107. Group A group is just a virtual container that holds the names of other account holders. Turn on the appropriate checkbox to enter your account name and password. Furthermore, Apple controls the transaction on both ends—it knows who you are—so there are no serial numbers to type in. And if all else fails, you can always use the Recovery Disk Assistant that you wisely made long in advance of your horror-story dead-disk day. The ruler appears automatically to remind you that a new world of formatting has just become available. Now you’re looking at a slightly different kind of permissions table, shown in Figure 16-8. If you know the IP address of the Mac you’re trying to access (you geek!), you can type nothing but its IP address into the box and then hit Connect. This gave her so much to think of that she began to be quite interested and feel that she was not sorry that she had come to Misselthwaite Manor. Maps When Apple brought its own Maps app to the iPhone in 2012, the underlying databases had a lot of problems. Note: When you position your Dock vertically, the “right” side of the Dock becomes the bottom of the vertical Dock. If this arrangement appeals to you, you’ll need a so-called KVM switch (which also lets you switch your keyboard and mouse between the two computers).” Instead, you can click the Fix Alias button. You never knew, sir, perhaps, that out of doors he never would let himself be taken. That should do it. It was pouring down in torrents and the wind was wuthering round the corners and in the chimneys of the huge old house. 690 switching to the mac: the missing manual Working in TextEdit TextEdit As you begin typing, all the usual word processing rules apply, with a few twists: Choose bold, italic, and font sizes using the new formatting toolbar.