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The Open File Dialog Box The dialog box that appears when you choose FileÆOpen is almost identical to the expanded Save File sheet. The few books she had read and liked had been fairy-story books, and she had read of secret gardens in some of the stories. You can seize control of the other Mac’s mouse and keyboard. Therefore, consider making the window tall and skinny, so you can put it beside the program you’re working in. File Sharing: Three Ways When you’re done wiring (or not wiring, as the case may be), your network is ready. I could skip longer than that, she said when she stopped. Upon my word. Your underlings won’t be able to rename songs, convert them to other formats, and so on, but they’ll still enjoy the flexibility to build individual playlists. (That may not be especially useful for people with limited vision, but it can be handy for graphic designers learning how to reproduce a certain icon, dot by dot) chapter 17: system preferences 573 Accessibility You can start enlarging things in either of two ways: From the keyboard. (If you drag a file icon, you’re shown the folder that contains it) When you’ve finally located the file you want to open, double-click it or highlight it (which you can do from the keyboard), and then press Return or c-O. (If there’s already something in the box, click ˛ to clear it out) Here’s what Maps can find for you: An address. It looks it, for sure, said Martha, ruffling it up a little round her face. You’ve told the Mac to keep these icons on the invisible grid, sorted the way you requested. Use the bottom two commands— Ascending or Descending—to control which way the sorting goes (A to Z, Z to A, or whatever). She just gets an email message that says, “Chris Smith has invited you to the event: Company Hoedown, scheduled for February 02, 2015 at 3:00 PM. To insert the symbol into an open document, just click it in the Keyboard Viewer window. There are some huge advantages to this system. Make sure “Double-click a window’s title bar to minimize” is turned on) In any case, the affected window shrinks down until it becomes a new icon on the right side of the Dock. The list as it first appears displays Recents (locations you’ve looked up recently—on your Mac or your iOS gadgets). Exposé Figure 4-22: Top: When you trigger one-app Exposé, you get a clear shot at any window in the current program (TextEdit, in this example).