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Figure 19-30: The text ruler gives you control over tab stops, paragraph justification, and so on. chapter 19: the free programs 667 Numbers, Pages Numbers, Pages Numbers and Pages are Apple’s spreadsheet and word processing programs, something like Apple-flavored versions of Microsoft Excel and Word. 612 switching to the mac: the missing manual When Do Not Disturb is on, your messages quietly pile up in the Notification Center (described in a moment); they don’t pop up on your screen individually as they happen, and they certainly don’t make any noises. Use VoiceOver in the login window. A thumbnail instantly appears in the well, and a moment later the picture is plastered across your monitor.” In other words, it’s primarily for the benefit of programmers. But once you have it working, check it out: It also works in text documents you’re examining in Quick Look! Dictation Dictation is built into the Mac, just as it is on iPhones and iPads (and Windows). Use this slider to specify the initial amount of zoom. At this point, Mail offers to apply your freshly minted rule to all the messages that are in the mailboxes that are currently selected. It's no worse than hidin' where a bird's nest is. There’s even a split-cursor option that makes the pointer flip directions at the boundary between right-to-left and left-to-right text. Entire milliseconds, in fact. Limit printer administration. Alerts. He looked tired and troubled, but when he saw her he was so startled that he almost jumped back. chapter 19: the free programs 689 TextEdit TextEdit’s Two Personalities The one confusing aspect of TextEdit is that it’s both a plain text editor (no formatting; globally compatible) and a true word processor (fonts, sizes, styles; compatible with other word processors). Here’s where the savvy technician can see exactly how frantic the disk is at the moment. Scientific people are always curious and I am going to be scientific. The Dock appears on only one screen at a time. Use the a, b, and c buttons to specify the line thickness, add a colored border, or fill the interior with a background color.