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That's fresh air, she said. 562 switching to the mac: the missing manual 2. Finding an Address You can search for a Contacts entry inside the currently selected group by typing a few letters of a name (or address, or any other snippet of contact information) in the search box. Of course, that technique is no good if the list of files is taller than the window itself. And that’s exactly what it does. Whether there’s a poster frame for a particular chapter or not, you can substitute an image of your own. A house with a hundred rooms, nearly all shut up and with their doors locked--a house on the edge of a moor--whatsoever a moor was--sounded dreary. The usual rap is, “Well, that’s because Windows is a much bigger target. Tip: Here’s a sneaky one: You can double-tap a word with three fingers on your trackpad to get a pop-up dictionary and thesaurus definition. That’s OS X’s virtual memory scheme “setting down” what was in memory in your account to make room for the incoming account’s stuff. If you have no mail waiting to be sent, then the Outbox disappears. This is the most restrictive approach of all: It’s a whitelist, a list of the only Web sites your youngster is allowed to visit. (Windows can’t read all Mac disks without special software, but the Mac can read Windows disks) This disk can take any of these forms: An external hard drive or iPod. It's been made into a nursery for thee. This method makes the Dock pop on and off the screen without requiring you to move the cursor. Junk appears when you use Mail’s spam filter, as described later in this chapter. chapter 1: how the mac is different 29 Where Your Stuff Is You can entertain yourself for hours by proving this point to yourself. While you’re pointing to something in the results list, you can press c-I to open the Get Info window for it. See Figure 1-9. (You will also hear it called the desktop, since the items you find there mirror the files and folders you might find on a real-life desktop) Finder = Windows Explorer Getting used to the term “Finder” is worthwhile, though, because it comes up so often.