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Now, when you record the movie or take the photo, you’ll be amazed to discover that Photo Booth has just transplanted you to the far more exotic locale you selected. Figure 12-15: This trick works on a Web page’s text fields—comment boxes, forms to send a letter to the mayor, and so on. You can even restart or shut down the computer.” You can create disk images, too. Use the “Add to group” pop-up menu here to specify which group you want—or just choose Buddies to leave the new person in the general sloshing bucket of humanity. Gem in the Rough The Email Answering Machine If you’re going on vacation, you can turn Mail into an email answering machine that sends a canned “I’m away until the 15th” message to everyone who writes you. Mester Colin says if he keeps sendin' for more food they won't believe he's an invalid at all. Great for stalkers! Setting Up Messages Tip: You can also add a Messages menulet to the top of your screen. But when you use a Cocoa program, you get the Fonts pane, which makes it far easier to organize, search, and use your font collection. chapter 5: data: typing, dictating, sharing & backing up 223 Dictation The Mac recognizes email addresses, too, as long as you remember to say “at sign” at the right spot. Click the first tab to see the photo’s name, when it was taken, its pixel dimensions, and so on. Tip: If you right-click a folder, or any other icon, in the Sidebar (page 35), you get an Add to Dock command for that icon. Contacts Tip: That same pop-up menu lists FaceTime—you can begin a FaceTime video call right from Contacts. Tip: Ordinarily, Time Machine alerts you when it has to start deleting old backups. 200 switching to the mac: the missing manual Sheets In the days of operating systems gone by, the Save dialog box appeared dead center on the screen, where it commandeered your entire operation. Gem in the Rough Auto-Wake for Network Access You should put your Mac to sleep as much as possible; you’ll save power, money, and pollution. So what’s the difference? Equipment bearing the “b” label transfers data through the air at up to 11 megabits per second; the “g” system is almost five times as fast (54 megabits a second); and “n” is supposed to be four times as fast as that. Frequently Asked Question Region Changing The first time I tried to play a DVD, I got this weird message about initializing the region code. But the Clear History and Website Data command erases all other shreds of your activities: any cookies (Web-page preference files) you’ve accumulated, your list of past downloads, the cache files (bits of the Web pages that a browser stores on your hard drive to save time when you return to the page they came from), and so on. If you decide that you really look best without any help from Apple’s warped imagery, click the Normal icon in the center.