دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

If you see a book cover bearing the k icon, that’s a book you own—it’s available in your online locker—but you haven’t downloaded it to this Mac yet. Each time you fill up a phone, email, chat name, or address box, a new, empty one magically sprouts up to accommodate another one. Mary ran so fast that she was rather out of breath when she reached her room. You can use the Bcc field to quietly signal a third party that a message has been sent. Then tap Return or the space bar to “click” the highlighted button. The Calendar of Deadline Hell As you now know, Reminders can give you warnings of upcoming deadlines and to-do items. Then again, the Mac’s spoken-command feature can save you time, is easy to set up and use, and has the distinct advantage of not being fictional. (Or drag the attachment directly onto your email program’s icon on the Dock and pause until its window thumbnails appear) Move your cursor, with the file in mid-drag, directly over the outgoing message window; release the cursor to create the attachment. If there are a lot of computer icons in the Sidebar, or if you’re on a corporate-style network that has the sub-chunks known as workgroups, you may also see an icon called All. You “feel” a snap at the point when the line covers up about half of each icon’s name. You can click it to open a Tags box, which lets you edit a document’s tags while you’re still working on it. chapter 15: accounts, security & gatekeeper 505 Editing Accounts In the UsersÆDeleted Users folder, you find a disk image file (. And, of course, Safari has to be turned on in System PreferencesÆiCloud on the Mac, or SettingsÆiCloud on the phone or tablet. Who is going to dress me? demanded Mary. Mr Craven sent me to bring her to him in his study. Click Create. Continue typing in the search box. Here, for example, you can specify the recording level for your Mac’s microphone, or even change the audio quality it records. You'll have to play about and look after yourself. (Each Web calendar has its own heading in the left-side list) Better yet: It’s a two-way sync; changes you make to these events in Calendar show up on the Web, too.