دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

In Full Screen mode, Single Page isn’t available.” Below that checkbox, you see a list of all the accounts on your Mac. Once the image appears in your outgoing message, click to select it. Drag a document into an application. 532 switching to the mac: the missing manual Every Mac has WiFi circuitry. Thereafter, your Mac is protected from unauthorized fiddling when you’re away from your desk or if your laptop is stolen. Don’t overlook it. In fact, you even get to see the names of any other disks connected to that Mac. Click this button, and then select the part of the page you want to widgetize. The dialog box that appears offers a miniature color lab that lets you dial in any color in the Mac’s rainbow—several color labs, actually, arrayed across the top, each designed to make color choosing easier in certain circumstances: Color wheel. If you click “Only these users” and then don’t add anyone to the list, then only people who have Administrator accounts on your Mac (page 490) can tap into your screen. Click a genre tile or type in a “seed” performer. All Mac screens today can make the screen picture larger or smaller, thus accommodating different kinds of work. If you accidentally click the wrong person’s name on the first screen, you can click Back. Begin by opening System Preferences (Chapter 17). The robin hopped about busily pecking the soil and now and then stopped and looked at them a little. 698 switching to the mac: the missing manual Tip: You may also want to watch this graph right in your Dock (choose ViewÆDock IconÆShow CPU Usage) or in a small floating window that you can move around your screen (choose WindowÆCPU Usage, or click c-2). Click the big Microsoft Exchange button, and then proceed as shown in Figure 8-5. Contacts Note: If you selected All Contacts in the Group column, rather than a specific group, you don’t get a Remove from Group option. Some make you look like a pinhead, or bulbous, or like a Siamese twin; others simulate Andy Warhol paintings, fisheye lenses, and charcoal sketches (Figure 19-21).