دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Click to see the icon of your Mac back at home. Privacy and Security Features Every year, there’s another headline about some break-in where millions of credit card numbers are stolen by a hacker, sending panic into the hearts of the world’s innocent Web audiences. Detagging Files To remove a tag from an icon, use any of the same menu commands you used to apply the tag in the first place (right-click, FileÆTags, click the N menu). (These page numbers refer to the physical pages you’re printing, not to any fancy numbering you’ve set up in your word processor. 162 switching to the mac: the missing manual Starting and Stopping Mission Control Mission Control Mission Control is a program, just like any other. You can, in fact, sort the icons differently within each arranged group; read on. You can now use Messages to send standard text messages to any cellphone. (Hell really has frozen over) Chapter 8 has the details. Perform a search. OS X keystrokes take precedence over all others. 662 switching to the mac: the missing manual The Directions pane actually offers two search bars: Start and End. Dashboard But why bother? Once you’re looking at the actual stock statistics, you can switch between dollar and percentage values just by clicking any one of the red or green up/down status buttons. In OS X’s case, though, Apple thought its cat names were cool enough to retain for the finished product. Contacts See the end of Chapter 11 for details. Tip: You can Option-click this menulet to produce a secret menu full of details about the wireless network you’re on right now. Now you can select either “Always ask for authorization” or “Always allow to be played,” depending on your feelings about the movie. An' tha'rt diggin', too. Output Tab “Output” means speakers or headphones. And Amazon’s MP3 Downloader software can whip your purchases right into iTunes. Click a button on the Favorites bar to change which mailbox is being searched.