دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Perhaps I have been all wrong for ten years, he said to himself. Active processes are the ones that are actually doing something right now; inactive are the ones that are sitting there, waiting for a signal (like a keypress or a mouse click). When you release the mouse, you see that the file is no longer inside the expanded folder. That’s handy when you’re a busy executive and you want your personal assistant to help you manage your busy life, or when you’re going to be out of town and you’ve authorized a trusted minion to carry on with your calendar in your absence. Now you can use your ” and ’ arrow keys to move around the menu bar; when you’ve highlighted the one you want, press Return or the space bar to “click” that menu and open it. ¢ opens the search box. If your aim is to import the addresses into Microsoft Entourage on the Mac, or OS X’s own Contacts program, though, read on. You have some other cool options beyond sticking the scans in a folder; for example, you can send the resulting image to iPhoto, Preview, or Mail. Figure 12-20: Tab view gives you a horizontally scrolling parade of miniatures so that you can easily spot what’s in your open tabs. Before you do that, you have to specify (a) how the gateway Mac is connected to the Internet, and (b) how it’s connected to the other Macs on your network: Share your connection from. Why, if I wanted to see a lot of them without making the window bigger, I could pack ’em in like sardines! That feature disappeared—for seven years. One day things weren't there and another they were. (Insert your own political joke here) chapter 3: files, icons & spotlight 127 Spotlight Limit by kind You can confine your search to certain categories using a simple code.pptx for PowerPoint, and so on) that are more compact than the previous set (. Tip: Text links aren’t always blue and underlined. You’ve been warned) Conversely, both Parallels and Fusion offer something called Coherence or Unity mode, in which there’s no trace of the Windows desktop. The dot goes away when you save the document.” Now you’re untrackable until you turn the switch on again. Each time you click a folder in one pane, the pane to its right shows what’s inside. But you can tailor its behavior, both for security reasons and to fit it to the kinds of work you do.