دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Some Calendar entries might just be placeholders, reminders to self, TV shows you wanted to watch, appointments you’d be willing to change—not things that would necessarily render you unavailable if a better invitation should come along. She was almost afraid to answer. But Calendar offers several advantages over paper calendars: It can automate the process of entering repeating events, such as weekly staff meetings or gym workouts. And so on. Now they look as if they could breathe, she said, after she had finished with the first ones. To drag, tap twice (don’t fully click); leave your finger touching the trackpad on the second tap. No one must ever suspect that they had a secret. For both she and Dickon had been afraid Colin might ask something about the tree whose branch had broken off ten years ago and they had talked it over together and Dickon had stood and rubbed his head in a troubled way. “Shuffle slide order,” of course, scrambles the photo sequence so that it’s different every time. His face would have been handsome if it had not been so miserable. Note: When you position your Dock vertically, the “right” side of the Dock becomes the bottom of the vertical Dock. I will not let you stay. But he had lain and thought of himself and his aches and weariness for hours and days and months and years. If you turn on “Name and password” (Figure 15-10), then each person who signs in must type both his name (into a blank that appears) and his password—a very inconvenient, but more secure, arrangement. Use these commands, such as Tighten and Loosen, to nudge the letters of the selected text closer together or farther apart—an especially useful feature when you’re fiddling with headlines and headings. Better yet, the minute you fire it up, you’ll discover that your entire Windows-version Buddies list is intact and ready to use. If you prefer the Windows look, in which no disk icons appear on the desktop, it’s easy enough to recreate it on the Mac; choose FinderÆPreferences and turn off the four checkboxes you see there (“Hard disks,”  “External disks,”  “CDs, DVDs, and iPods,” and “Connected servers. Do you want to replace it with the one you’re moving? Each folder has unique items such as ‘Salary Projections’ and ‘Stealth Projects. While he talked, Soot flew solemnly in and out of the open window and cawed remarks about the scenery while Nut and Shell made excursions into the big trees outside and ran up and down trunks and explored branches. I should like to see them, said Mary.