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Use the bottom two commands— Ascending or Descending—to control which way the sorting goes (A to Z, Z to A, or whatever). That is, if you click the very bottom of the scroll-bar track, you see the very last page. But that’s just a visual convenience. Ordinarily, iBooks presents text with ragged-right margins. (Beware the tiny yellow triangles; they let you know if a chosen keystroke conflicts with another OS X keystroke) 4. Many OS X documents, behind the scenes, have file name extensions of this kind— but OS X comes factory-set to hide them. Decide who gets to have accounts on the Mac. 'He will think he is in a dream, cried Mary. If you quit or close the document without remembering to save, no problem: Your work will be there when you open the document again later. Once you’ve highlighted the first result in a category, you can walk through the remaining four by pressing the arrow key by itself. Note: This business of pressing Option or c after you begin dragging is a tad awkward, but it has its charms.” The factory setting for most appointments is “busy,” but for all-day events it’s “free. Someday, you may remember nothing about a photo you’re looking for except that you used the flash and an f-stop of 1. If the recipient also has Yosemite Mail, the attachment is quietly auto-downloaded in the background, so that it’s on his Mac already when he opens the message. In the shareware world, you can take your pick of MT-NewsWatcher X, NewsHunter, and Halime, to name a few. You are real, aren't you? he said. Incredibly, you can even add new folders to the Favorites listing (drag them into the Sidebar here, either from the desktop, if it’s visible, or right out of the dialog box in front of you) or remove them (drag them out of the Sidebar here). I'll tell you a great deal more before your next day out, she said, so that you will have more to talk about. If it’s a shared Mac, you may encounter the login screen, shown in Figure 2-1. (As you probably know, Yosemite itself is an App Store download) Figure 4-1: Top: Mastering the App Store won’t take you much time; just about everything you need is in the toolbar at the top, including a search box and buttons like Featured, Top Charts, and Categories, which are meant to help you dive into the enormous catalog of Mac software.