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Top Sites opens, of course, the Top Sites window (page 430). In addition to looking cool, these buttons sprout a ‘ when you point to them; when you click there, you get a list of useful commands (including Show Contact Card). They're almost as friendly as dogs--if you know how to get on with 'em. Tip: Don’t miss the ToolsÆShow Magnifier command. For those situations, turn on “Flash the screen when an alert sound occurs” (an effect you can try out by clicking the Test Flash Screen button). You stop! she almost shouted. I'm Dickon, the boy said. Tethering (Personal Hotspot) Now, on your laptop, you choose your iPhone’s name from the A menulet. It’s a lot more work than the methods described above, but, you know. More Anti-Spam Tips The Junk filter goes a long way toward cleaning out the spam from your mail collection—but it doesn’t catch everything. As you drag it left or right, you see your files and folders float by and flip in 3-D space. Don’t miss these two in particular: New Folder with Selection Imagine this: You’ve got a bunch of icons scattered on your desktop, or a mass of related files in a window. But there’s also a third option: Keep Both. The Rajah did not object to his staying and so the procession was formed. OS X is kind enough to highlight only the existing name, and not the suffix (like . A notification bubble appears on your screen, and you hear an incoming-call sound. That’s a delightful, two-way collaboration—a terrific way for a couple or a family to coordinate everyone’s calendars, for example. I would never have let him come to see me if he had not been an animal charmer--which is a boy charmer, too, because a boy is an animal. The same feature works for other Apple programs like Safari (opens the same Web page), Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Keynote, Numbers, and Pages. A few characters that people routinely type lines of, like ***** and …….