دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

As a result, you can open, copy, and work on files on both types of machines as though the religious war between Macs and PCs had never even existed. What are you laughing at? she asked her. Only one System folder can be operational at a time. Is it? said Colin. Shortcut Menus, Action Menus It’s part of the Mac’s user-friendly heritage: You can do practically everything using only the mouse. Figure 11-3: If you want to use formatting, click the Show Format Bar icon (u) on the toolbar to open the Format bar—a strip of buttons for font, style, color, justification, bulleted lists, indentation, and so on. In Yosemite, Apple turns the phone into something of a cellular accessory for your Mac. To create a new note, choose FileÆNew Note (c-N). Please, began Mary. See page 114. (Otherwise, a bad guy could get in to see all your passwords) Click either Not Now or Open Security & Privacy, and then proceed as described in Chapter 15. With each letter you type, Contacts filters your social circle and displays the number of matches at the bottom. They can even express their disgust for you by leaving the Family Sharing group. I am glad she came. A small business could have categories called Deductible Travel, R&D, and R&R. chapter 19: the free programs 679 Preview i Signature. If you point to it in time, you get a Reply button; see Figure 13-5. Double-click a disk or folder icon. Keep it going. You can specify how fast the sequential highlighting proceeds, whether or not it pauses on the screen’s first item, how many times the highlighting cycles through each screenful, and so on.