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There's naught as nice as th' smell o' good clean earth, except th' smell o' fresh growin' things when th' rain falls on 'em. Here are a few of OS X’s big-ticket defenses. Here’s how you get the Mac and PC chatting: 554 switching to the mac: the missing manual 1. Click the t on the New Message toolbar, choose FileÆAttach Files, or press Shiftc-A. And it is crying. The program whose name says “(default)” indicates which program usually opens this kind of document. The button next to each one, Enable User, might sound like you’re about to lead someone into drug addiction, but it’s actually your chance to specify who else can unlock the disk by logging in. chapter 9: hardware on the mac 303 Making the Printout You can easily save any document as a PDF file instead of printing it—a truly beautiful feature that saves paper, ink, and time. His movements also were robin. Keyboards As you know by now, switching to the Mac entails switching your brain, especially when it comes to the old keyboard shortcuts. Note: If the program is already running, turning off Keep In Dock doesn’t immediately remove its icon from the Dock. They settled down softly upon the grass and sat there without moving. (Apple says this feature is intended for use at public Macs, where you don’t want to reveal anything personal to subsequent visitors. That highlights the leftmost Apple menulet. You can use any of the commands in the Go menu, or their keyboard equivalents, or the icons in the Sidebar, to fill your columns with the contents of the corresponding folder—Home, Favorites, Applications, and so on. Read on for details on stacks. Mary bent her face down and kissed and kissed them. It houses the chat “addresses” for all your chat partners from all the different chat services, in a single list. No one knows when they was first planted. But if these images are bound for the Web, you might want to choose JPEG instead; that’s the standard Web format.