دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

Tha' die! he said with dry exultation. It’s astonishing how few people are aware of this incredibly useful feature. Can I delete something for good, from all the backups at once? Yes. And it’s something paper books definitely can’t do. (You choose which voice does the talking in the Speech pane of System Preferences) Calculator Once you’ve calculated a result, you can copy it (using EditÆCopy, or c-C) and paste it directly into another program. If you want to get rid of an existing picture without replacing it, select the card, and then choose CardÆClear Custom Image (or, in Edit mode, select the picture and then press Delete). It’s great advice, but just a little silly. Now you should see the screen shown in Figure 15-5. Only the Unix entity known as the superuser can touch these files—and even that person would be foolish to do so. He was nigh goin' into one o' his tantrums. Does Dickon know all about them? asked Mary, a new idea taking possession of her. If, while the pop-up menu is open, you press one or more of your modifier keys (Shift, Option, Control, or c), all these F-key choices change to reflect the key you’re pressing; now the pop-up menu says ShiftF1, Shift-F2, Shift-F3, and so on. Press Delete to get rid of it; or, to try a different key combo, click where the existing keyboard shortcut appears and then press a new one. Firefox. Preview can display PDFs with the best of them—but it’s got Acrobat Reader beat on several other counts. In short, Mac programs like Mail and TextEdit can recognize commonly used bits of information that may appear in your text: a physical address, a phone number, a date and time, and so on. As you could have predicted, this rearrangement of features can mean a good deal of confusion for you, the Macintosh foreigner. A few yards more and Mary whispered again. They let you specify exactly what you want copied to it—which songs, which TV shows, which apps, and so on. If I have a spade, she whispered, I can make the earth nice and soft and dig up weeds.