دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ارتش

In a list-view window, for example, it says “Always open in list view. To see it, open System PreferencesÆNotifications (Figure 18-2). No one ever knew, though Mrs Medlock nearly found me out. You’ll see a summary box that indicates how many people need to be added to one list or the other, and how many people’s information is different. The Double-Click Speed setting specifies how much time you have to complete a double-click. Get into the habit of clicking its Dock icon, or pressing c-Tab to select its icon, rather than clicking inside one window. From my own room. You can go about assigning desktop pictures in two ways. For example, the tiny word “received” appears beneath any message you send to let you know that your recipient’s gadget has received it. In this example, you’d choose iPhoto from the Application pop-up menu. Tip: Once you’ve expanded a folder by clicking its flippy triangle, you can even drag a file icon out of the folder so that it’s loose in the list-view window. There are things like cache files and local storage files (data that Web applications leave behind on your hard drive). The Toolbar If you don’t see the screen-sharing toolbar, you can summon it by choosing ViewÆShow Toolbar. That’s the idea behind Time Machine, a marquee feature of OS X. Keyboard Translation Guide Now, if you really want to learn about Windows, you need Windows 7: The Missing Manual or Windows 8. Rotate the screen. 4. Or click the flippy triangle to see your VIPs’ names, each representing messages from that person. I know I'm fatter, she said. You can create your own commands, too.