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This, ladies and gents, is search-and-replace for text in your files’ names. Install it on your PC, which is a matter of clicking through three screens. (There’s one exception: If you created your iCloud account in Calendar Preferences, then you can have an “On My Mac” category) To see your list of categories, click the Calendars button (upper left of the window). A body might think this was dead wood, but I don't believe it is--down to th'root. Tip: The primary purpose of the Keychain is, of course, to type in passwords for you automatically. Why did he hate it? Mary persisted. Colin put out his hand and laid it on his father's arm. In Word or Pages, for example, you can rearrange entire sections, paragraphs, sentences, or even individual letters, just by dragging them—a wonderfully efficient editing technique. The Save and Open Dialog Boxes And in list view, how’s this for a tip? If you right-click (or two-finger click) one of the column headings, like Name or Date Modified, you get a secret pop-up menu of column names: Last Opened, Size, Kind, Label, and so on. I was thinking that I've really never seen it before. Note to struggling writers: Unfortunately, you can’t drag an open document directly into the Trash. I did get up this morning when I thought you were coming, he answered, without looking at her. And, once again, you can also use the Sort By commands to change the sequence of files within each grouping. Windows Media Player The Macintosh equivalent for Windows Media Player is, of course, QuickTime Player. And speaking of interesting headshots: If you export a 4-up image and choose it as your Buddy Picture, you’ll get an animated buddy icon. (Use the asterisk, *, to mean “times” and the slash, /, as “divided by. You’ll have to confront—and press Return to dismiss—the “Connect to the file server” box every time) When you click Connect (or press Return), the other Mac’s icon shows up in your Sidebar, and its contents appear in the main window. Susan Sowerby, said Ben Weatherstaff, getting close to her. Eh! dear lad! as if she had not known she were going to say it. I should think tha' did, agreed Martha, polishing away.