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But if they talk about writing to my father I shall have to do something. Second, remember that you can set up parental control on each kid’s Mac or phone, shielding their impressionable eyes from R-rated movies and stuff. Reminders But you can click that line to specify Home (your home address, as you’ve set it up in Contacts). The beauty of all this is iCloud syncing. She had spoken aloud and he made a sign to her. Similarly, for Calendar purposes, you’ll want to specify what you consider to be the first day of the week and which calendar style you observe. Either way, you’ve just flipped off the switch for the accent picker. Of course, you can switch to the new Facebook profile picture if you prefer. It starts out saying None. You can use almost any graphics file: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, chapter 17: system preferences 587 Desktop & Screen Saver Photoshop, and even PDF. Tip: If you’ve got snapshots in iPhoto, it’s particularly easy to add a picture to any address card. It's got all sorts o' sounds. Bookmarks (Favorites) Moving your Favorites (browser bookmarks) to a Mac is easy. A tiny icon appears next to each name in your list, indicating that person’s availability to chat—and what kinds of multimedia chats are available. He stopped shaking his fist very suddenly at that very moment and his jaw actually dropped as he stared over her head at something he saw coming over the grass toward him. Mail will permanently delete these messages automatically after a week. A Play button (2) appears on any movie or sound file; as shown in Figure 2-5, ” and ’ page buttons appear on a multipage document (like PDF, Pages, or even presentation documents like PowerPoint and Keynote). For example, if you print two copies of a three-page document, the Mac generally prints the pages in this order: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3. She found many more of the sprouting pale green points than she had ever hoped to find. 556 switching to the mac: the missing manual 5.