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You’re still running OS X, and all your Mac files and programs are still available.” 126 switching to the mac: the missing manual In each case, the preview pane shows you a snippet of the map of that location, plus handy buttons like Directions to Here, Directions from Here, Add to Favorites, and Add to Contacts. She knew that she was not going to stay at the English clergyman's house where she was taken at first. He had rubies and emeralds and diamonds stuck all over him. All you have to do is turn off the automatic login feature described on page 506. You’ll also find that the accuracy is better when you dictate complete sentences, and long words fare better than short ones.gz (gzip, a standard Unix compression format), or combo formats like . For one thing, you’ll find certain settings all over OS X that you can change only if you’re an administrator—including many in the Users & Groups pane itself. If you use your Mac as a speakerphone (Chapter 14), you might still want it to ring for incoming calls. You can add a printer icon to Safari for point-and-click paper action if you don’t want to bother with c-P. He did not act as the other humans did. Ensures that any folder inside this one will also open up in list view, even if its regularly scheduled view is something else. chapter 1: how the mac is different 37 Window Controls Window Management OS X prefers to keep only one Finder window open at a time. 3. (But Messages, described in Chapter 13, can also handle Yahoo) chapter 7: special software, special problems 283 284 switching to the mac: the missing manual chapter 8 Windows on the Mac T he very moment Apple announced in 2006 that all new Mac models would come with Intel chips inside, the geeks and the bloggers started going nuts. She did not know that this was because she was a disagreeable child; but then, of course, she did not know she was disagreeable. Apple notices that both devices are signed into the same iCloud account and figures that you don’t need protection from yourself. The Calculator displays the result—in degrees Fahrenheit, in this example. Use it to specify how many rows and columns you want. Well, guess what? Out of the box, Windows does not know about any Apple hardware elements.