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Click this button to expand the search to your entire network and all the computers on it. Power Searches with Tokens The real beauty of the Searching window is that it can hunt down icons via more specific searches than you could do using the main Spotlight feature. It's the fresh air. The Mac itself is now the transmitter for Internet signals to and from any other WiFi computers within range. Open the “Open with” pane. For example, it can check the disk for damage, fix the permissions of the disk, or even adjust its partitions. 394 switching to the mac: the missing manual Expand a list of the messages in a conversation by clicking the small gray numberof-messages badge—or by clicking the main message and then pressing the ’ key. As soon as you quit the program, its icon disappears again from the Dock. But because it requires that each machine be logged into the same iCloud account, it’s not so great for sending big files to other people. You use the AirPort Utility (in your ApplicationsÆUtilities folder) to set up your base station; if you have a typical cable modem or DSL, the setup practically takes care of itself. Open System PreferencesÆ​K eyboardÆ​ Keyboard. It’s possible to live a long and happy life without knowing anything about these suffixes and relationships. 338 But there are two faster ways: Press Option as you open the ß menulet. She had never thought of this. You can install many OS X programs just by dragging their icons or folders to your hard drive (usually the Applications folder). Then you can adjust the Folder list’s width by dragging the vertical line at its right edge. And what, exactly, is the Top Hit? OS X chooses it based on its relevance (the importance of your search term inside that item) and timeliness (when you last opened it). iCloud Drive is Apple’s version. Then tap Done. UP TO SPEED Where Your Free Hour of Battery Life Came From Some of the features Apple works hardest on are things you’ll never even see.